Verta Careers and Job Opportunities

Verta’s growth and success is based on the commitment to our most important resource: our people. We have a culture of continuous improvement and empower our people to be creative an innovative.

Verta is currently hiring for several positions:

Core Values

Our core values drive our conduct throughout all we do:


• With Product Knowledge
• With Quality
• With Exceptional Customer Service

We Have Integrity

• We Are Honest
• We Are Respectful
• We Are Humble
• We Do What We Say We Will Do

We Are Team Players

• We Help Each Other Succeed
• We Help the Customer Succeed

We Are Solution Providers

• We Are Creative
• We Are Open Minded
• We Have a Get-It-Done Attitude

We Are Committed to Continuous Improvement

• We Have a Lean Culture
• We Are Always Looking For a Better Way
• We Focus on Sustainable Practices

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