Sustainable, High-Performance Architectural Metal Finishes

Verta is a provider of sustainable, high-performance architectural metal finishes for manufacturers and specialty contractors. The company, originally established in 1985, is now called Verta.  The word Verta has origins meaning superior quality, the color green, and forest leaves. We embody these ideas in our commitment to quality, service and sustainability.

Verta is a certified applicator for both Sherwin-Williams and PPG aluminum extrusion paints, both of which carry a standard 20-year warranty.  Our impeccable record for quality is based in part on a thorough quality process including inspections by highly-trained personnel. Our more than 30-years experience packaging and shipping aluminum assemblies ensures products leave our shop and reach their destination undamaged.

Our commitment to sustainability is unmatched in the industry and our state-of-the-art paint line is also one of the most sustainable. The five stage washer and pretreat system uses the rainwater that is captured from the roof of our facility and filtered and reused for multiple cycles.  Our high-efficiency oven cures the finish with significantly less energy than older models.  Most significantly, Verta is the first company to completely eliminate all types of chromium from our processes without sacrificing quality. After extensive testing, our pretreatment process is as effective as hexavalent chromium and more effective than trivalent chromium.